Selective Catalytic Reduction

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Selective Catalytic Reduction

from freggg13 on 12/13/2022 06:06 AM

Our HistorySince 2017, Xichuang automobile environmental protection began to provide customers with various exhaust emission reduction schemes. The product technical route mainly covers the separate use or combination of particulate filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), and provides the packaging assembly, components, carrier, catalyst Gaskets and various sensors, which are made in China and have been used by some users of automobiles, construction machinery and generator sets for more than five years, meet various working conditions and requirements, and have a good reputation.
In the laboratory, production site and use site environment, our products have been strictly tested to ensure that the efficiency and durability meet the emission standards of Euro 4 and above.
We are committed to meeting various personalized needs of customers and providing OEM quality accessories to meet the replacement needs of vehicles in use, which is more cost-effective.
Our CertificateTS16949
XC has obtained patents for many inventionsSelective Catalytic Reduction



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Re: Selective Catalytic Reduction

from AidenEwing on 05/03/2023 08:58 AM

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Re: Selective Catalytic Reduction

from henry14 on 01/03/2024 07:40 AM

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